Help & support

Here's how you can change a flight, add a bag, update your booking, and more.

Manage your bookings

You can make many changes to your flight details online:

  • View, change and cancel your bookings
  • Add an extra bag or two to your baggage allowance
  • Choose your seat
  • Order or change your special meal
  • Request a copy of your electronic ticket

彩福彩票All you need is your six character booking reference. (Air New Zealand reference numbers end in "H".)

Need more help?

Manage your rental car, hotel or other bookings

You can ask Oscar to:

  • "Resend my booking confirmation"
  • "Confirm my seat selection"
  • "Confirm my special meal"
  • "Confirm my baggage allowance"
  • "Check my Airpoints balance"
  • "Order a replacement Airpoints card"
  • "Confirm my special assistance"
  • "Reset my password"

彩福彩票And there’s plenty of more ways he can help.

Pro-tip: sign in to the website first, for the best Oscar experience. 

Phone bookings & enquiries

Sales, reservations & enquiries
Toll free (from within USA): 1-800-262-1234
Calling from overseas

TTY relay callers
See our TTY relay callers instructions for further detail on this service

Online booking help
Toll free (from within USA): 1-800-262-1234

Airpoints enquiries
彩福彩票Toll free (from within USA): 1-800-262-1234

Additional phone numbers

Please have these things handy when you call our contact centre

  • Your booking reference. Where do I find this? 
  • The family name used for the original booking.
  • Your Airpoints number if you have an Airpoints related enquiry. 

Remember, you can view, change and cancel your booking , or log into your Airpoints account to retrieve your details.

To access your booking online, it must:

  • Be electronically ticketed - paper tickets will not be accessible
  • Have 9 or fewer travellers
  • Not have been made as an international "multi-city" booking 

Contact our Special Assistance team

You can call our friendly team on 1-800-262-1234, or for further information on how you can ensure your trip is comfortable and hassle-free find out about our special assistance options. You can also complete a , or find out more about flying with a medical condition